This video briefly discusses ANKI's deck system and how to make your options groups. If you don't use sketchy videos, then don't bother with any sketchy cards at this point. Who should use this deck?Anyone who is planning to use SketchyPath and wants a way to retain the information. Will come back to answer any questions later! 313->218mb. What are some examples of your edits?I took a few screenshots while I was finishing my last edits to the deck to give you guys an example of sort of how I tried to revise the cards. pepper sketchy micro/pharm: consider quicker alternatives like torky original micro (1400) and aervien pharm (1240, missing abx). How come if I hit enter on a card it jumps to cards from a different sketchy video? What was the goal of your edits?The SALT deck was an amazing community effort led by steelersfan1234. pepper sketchy micro/pharm: consider quicker alternatives like torky original micro (1400) and aervien pharm (1240, missing abx). Very few cards, something like 80 a chapter, 1700 total. The SALT deck was an amazing community effort led by steelersfan1234. So for the past half year I edited every single card personally in a way that I thought made the cards more clear for me - hopefully it makes them better for you as well. However, I think if you are a visual learner who wants to be able to reinforce SketchyPath, this deck is well worth it. Overview~3600 cards down to ~3300 (combined cards together when they were unnecessarily separated, and added cards/pictures that were missing)All cards properly taggedAll cards properly titledMissing "EntireSketch" sections fixedRemoved all typos and capitalization errorsReworded cards to better focus on image retention, and to make cards less confusingRemoved card wordinessAdded a CSS style code that allows more images to be viewed at the same time (will affect your Pepper micro and pharm cards as well but can be removed). While I am only a student and study for the USMLE myself, I have many friends that aced the USMLE Step 1 exam with scores like 260, 255 and 245, using only Anki cards and the first aid book to review everything! Thanks! 90. it says the note type has changed... how do i fix this? Pepper pathoma:yes. (Yes I know my school is weird for having us take step 1 February of third year. There were a few times I could have gone over 10 items, such as in the Cushing's moon sketch and hyperthyroidism sketches, but in those cases I found similar themes to group them and separate them by (such as "cardiac related symptoms" and "neurological symptoms" for example). This survey is intended ONLY for medical students using Anki to prepare for USMLE Step 1 / COMLEX Level 1. is there a benefit to continuing to do Bros after step 1? Here's my fully edited SketchyPath deck that I promised I'd post this week. As a warning, there are a few cards that have ~10 things to identify, just as PepperPharm does (calcium channel blockers sketch for example). Is there anything I can do to fix that? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Created by /u/ZankiStep1 and is based primarily on First Aid 2016 and 2017 editions as well as Pathoma and Costanzo. This also shows the different appearance of the cards thanks to the CSS change by /u/Ansel_Adams from this thread: Seeing that there's a Uworld deck, what are the pros/cons of doing that deck before dedicated starts? Original Poster 2 years ago. good review of path. I've noticed there are a lot of pathophysiology that they talk about in the video but not explicitly stated in the image. I just assume he is regurgitating the sketchy videos, which obviously dont contain everything, but contain most things. Unfortunately I don't think anyone has come up with a way to split the Pepper cards. The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is offered by the AAMC and is a required exam for admission to medical schools in the USA and Canada. But when I go to study, it only shows me one card at a time. Got to get back to studying, but hopefully this is helpful for anyone who is thinking about using SALT. Re-exported the Micro deck in apkg format instead of colpkg format and replaced the download link. Zanki Physiology + Pathology Anki Deck. If you don't use sketchy videos, then don't bother with any sketchy cards at this point. I found that once you do them a few times you will be able to remember them, it can be frustrating at first but in the end it will help you keep everything in context when you remember it in the future. In many cases, I found that the extra info was included in the picture bubbles themselves so it could always be referenced if needed. So, he worked on this Anki deck during the course of my MS1 and MS2 years for Step 1. Since you have been using the deck very consistently already (and you were an original contributor yourself, thanks by the way! Just as with the bro deck cards, specifically biochemistry and immunology, these scenes and concepts were burned into my memory banks long before dedicated began. thanks again! Definitely keep some backups handy in case it does something you don't like though! In addition, I tried to make every card stylistically the same so there is continuity as you go through the decks and it's not as jarring when you go from one card from a particular contributor to another card by another contributor. card img {max-width: 65%; max-height: none;}. It's that way on the Sketchy Medical website. I'm having an issue importing the cards to anki?? Anki allows you to have a different options group for each deck but you really need just two, the default and the one you customized. I still remember them all and use this knowledge in my clinical rotations. I cannot get it to work for Pepper style cards. Lightyear A Boards And Beyond Based Step 1 Anki Deck 22 5k Cards Medicalschoolanki Lightyear is 1 deck but is organized via hierarchical tags into 4 different major sections. I am going to solely rely on anki deck for contents in fa. The SALT deck works fine, but when I go my Pepper decks all of the images are enlarged to the point of obscurity. June: Studied anki cards everyday (Pepper deck for sketchy micro and pharm, LLA, BRS anatomy), went through BV easy and medium questions again, took all available practice exams. Report Save. Initially, all decks should be set to Default. Throughout all my edits I have corrected all the typos, worded things more clearly, and capitalized words in a consistent manner, Some more examples of how the cards look differently are shown in the above album. $23.99 $ 23. My main goal was to get every card up to the 7 to 9 quality range. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. while this has been possible for zanki. The cards take significantly longer than Zanki-type cards take. I'm only 2 months from dedicated though so Zanki was just too massive of a change. I also combined cards together when they had similar content. I also did my best to remove excess wordiness, which I believe decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of cards. If you're not done, I would suspend most of the expansion cards. Pepper uworld: no because you're short on time and if you do uworld qs anyway, prob not missing out. For those who have gone through the decks, I am sure you have noticed the plentiful typos and confusing cards. Here's the deck:, If the pics appear too big/small on your screen, you can change this number. ), I would recommend just supplementing these edited decks for any decks you felt were poorly made. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Does anyone with HTML knowledge know how to make the "extra" portion of the card two column? main screen>deck options (gear icon)>uncheck "bury related cards" in both the new and review tabs. Anyone compare this to the other existing uworld decks like BROS WORLD? Close. Pepper pathoma:yes. your school uses nbme exams), I would definitely not open that deck if you haven't already been using uworld. The deck is intended to cover all relevant physiology and pathology for boards. Lastly, I have been using the pepper Sketchy micro and pharm decks which I love. I been waiting for a comprehensive update to SALT deck. It's now as small as the original one. Although this may make the card more difficult, this vastly improves image recall in my opinion. does anyone know how to fix this? thank you so much for doing this! Cucina Italiana Ceramic Salt & Pepper Napkin Holder and Caddy White. Did you delete those as well? For some reason I am unable to import 3.1 and 3.2 of the GI deck, it says the "note type has changed". Great question. sorry i'm an anki rookie :) :), would this update the previous salt deck if i just upload it onto anki? Sketchy Medical uses cartoons as mind palaces. No videos 4.2 and 4.5 in chapter "6 Neuro/Psych". You will need to reference your Anki stats and settings to complete this survey. How does the TTS work and why doesn't it work with Pepper cards? $7.67 shipping. Dr. Pepper dropped UWorld Deck, mind compressing that one as well? Try suspending all your cards and then only unsuspending cards from videos you have watched. Do you know how to change cards for asketch in bulk? However, as expected, both the quality and style of the decks varied greatly. 99. How far along are you with bros 2.1? So what is Sketchy Micro? Decks are at the center of the Anki experience, and subdecks are simply where you put a deck 'under' another deck. What is the proper way to use these decks? You should definitely test it out with backups before finalizing things. 3. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. I explain what this means in the video. This allows you to memorize pharmacology and microbiology better. This time, I only changed the png cards to jpg and didn't compress cuz the result was too blurry. You can also load up a different Anki profile and import the edited deck to see what exactly I changed and whether you want to use it or not! Images shrunken and resized. Decks That Reinforce Other Resources. We will ask about Anki settings, profile statistics, and the number of practice questions you do. Does anyone have a fix? Like every time I click "cards..." it shows a bajillion tabs for each card for a sketch. I can think of a few cards where I left it as an actual item that needed to be recalled on the back of the card but for a majority of cases I tried to correlate them to the specific image as closely as possible. would be great because there's a lot of scrolling involved in the extra, and when Anki is full screen I really don't need the sketch to take up the entire monitor, I'd rather see a smaller zoom of the clip + the full thing. In my edited deck, I may have combined all three of these cards together into the note slot for card A. This made going through the decks a more tedious experience, and I felt like it made learning from the cards difficult for me. 1 question. For my opinion on Sketchy Pharm and Path, scroll all the way to the end! Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the SALT Deck: Community-sourced Sketchy Path Anki Deck. Yes I know this sub is mostly Zankian in population but for those of us old time Brosians (middle of MS3 and started 2 years ago), has anyone integrated pepper into it? 4.2 out of 5 stars 4. Enjoy! I am pretty sure it will update and replace your current SALT cards rather than becoming its own individual deck. Does it not work at all or does it get bugged out by the formatting or something? Going through the decks, I tried to focus on making the card so it helps you recall the specific image from Sketchy. Some users included it in the cards correlating to the relevant image. Thank you for releasing this! update: I got the import to work and have been going through this deck. So it says I'm done studying after just one card, but when I go to browse, I see the card has like 30 more "Extra questions." Summer Software Team. If I were to rate the original SALT cards, I would say on a scale from 1 to 10 they ranged from 4 to 8 in terms of quality. Other than that, the deck is same as the original. Modified the Pepper Sketchy Micro Deck: sub-decks of each chapter and organism. It's like a Biochem for Sketchy - do check it out! New Deck - Preclinical. Promoted articles. Lightyear anki deck 2020. I use TTS because hearing a question is much easier and make me zip thru cards faster. I'm thinking of adding these to Bros 2.1. I would like to know more about this. To change the options in bulk, click the gear icon next to the main decks, click the gear again in the options group click [Set for all subdecks]. Really curious about starting it... You get the most value out of uworld the first time seeing it. level 2. I suspended all the cards to try to study one bacterium at a time. In conclusion, the only Step One studying I incorporated after first year was Anki, namely the biochemistry and immunology Bro deck sections and the Salt and Pepper Sketchy deck. From my limited understanding, this is what would likely happen if you were to just import these cards directly: Say you have cards A, B, and C with intervals of 15 days, 8 days, and 25 days. If you do not know, do you know how I could split each card into its own note. Ooh that seems like a very cool idea that I might even want to incorporate! Alternatively, make a new "main deck" and pull only cards from videos you have watched into that deck via the Anki browser, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschoolanki community, Press J to jump to the feed. I have been trying to use the Sketchy Micro deck, but I'm having an issue. I love what I've seen so far with pepper. ... Not sure if Anki works that way.. 3. share. I'm telling you, Anki =… I love the deck, but is there a version of this deck with compressed images? This made going through the decks a more tedious experience, and I felt like it made learning from the cards difficult for me. So I just unsuspended all the mycobacterium tuberculosis cards. unfortunately when I tried to import the cards to anki, it says "some updates were ignored because note type has changed" and it doesn't import most of the new cards. But I can't get Anki to show them to me unless I hit "unbury," then it only shows me one other card. Disclaimer: This deck can be difficult. If there was not an explicit image for it, but I thought it was important or relevant information, I tended to keep it as a footnote (for example: Ive been using the original deck as well and it's wonderful. Therefore you will have effectively "lost" the scheduling information from cards B and C, and all three will now have a 15 day interval (which was from card A originally), I don't want the CSS style change which shows multiple imagesRemove this line from these note types: SketchyPath, SketchyPharm, and SketchyPharm-6cea6, If you want to remove the CSS for MOBILE only, add this line to the above note types. thanks! Some lovely people called Pepper and Zanki made Anki decks to follow along with the Sketchy videos, and I used their decks to really drive the points home. Physeo Genetics has 2 videos that I found extremely helpful - one is on AR diseases and one is XR diseases and again, it's sort of like Sketchy to memorize them all. (Asking cause it takes a few days to upload the whole deck onto anki due to where i am and my internet). it's awesome! note: check media shows that the original deck was already missing some pictures. Very few cards, something like 80 a chapter, 1700 total. The best solution that I have found up to this point is the 2nd comment in this thread below, which makes editing the cards much more fluid and efficient: If you have already been doing SALT cards - I recommend downloading individual edited decks as you need or to replace decks that you thought were not well madeIf you have not started SALT cards - I recommend downloading the entire above deck and starting directly with these cards, Will these cards reset my scheduling information?I am not an expert on this, but I do believe these may slightly alter your scheduling information if you've already been doing SALT cards. It's something that Pepper added to the html of his card template - it can be removed! good review of path. While there are some arguments for using uworld early (e.g. Any idea what the issue is? Thanks for making this deck, it's really great! Step 2 anki deck dorian Step 2 anki deck dorian. Things to work on in the futureThere are still definitely cards that need work in here to improve clarity and recall.Images also need to be standardized, as the quality and size of the images still very from deck to deck. Anki Decks Click here to download the program to access the decks below Kaplan AnkiGeneral MCAT Anki 14:49. I generally removed items that did not have an explicitly associated image with them. 1 Resource Rating (1-7) Utilization (%) Goljan Lectures 5. Posted by 2 years ago. These are complete SketchyMicro and SketchyPharm Anki decks that I made while I was studying for USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1! I found that Anki was the best way for me to memorize all of the SketchyMedical sketches. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschoolanki community, Press J to jump to the feed. Gonna try to keep it brief as I'm still in my dedicated period, but let me know if you have any questions at all. Went to note fields>cards>styling and made single change from 100% to 65%. Hey great job on doing this. However, as good as these sketches are, without spaced repetition I eventually forget them. Using Anki to study for the USMLE is an amazing way of actually studying. Anki flashcardsb lightyear for usmle step 1. However, as expected, both the quality and style of the decks varied greatly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.